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The Historical Society is blessed with fine grounds, a historic Stone House and a fine Carriage House. But with such blessings comes the need to maintain them. For example, we are currently faced with a need to paint the exterior of the wood sections, on the Stone House and the Carriage House. A very costly undertaking. In addition, a 2011 engineering report recommended $150,000 in urgent repairs. Donations of over $1000 result in the name you select being placed on a donors plaque, in the Stone House.

We welcome donations to support programming and activities at the Deep River Historical Society two ways:

1) We accept donations related to Programs of the Society
2) We accept donations specifically to support the programs and activities of the Deep River Elephant Tusk Force

If you would like to donate directly to an organization devoted to saving the African elephants, we have a list of organizations and their websites here.

Donations are tax deductible, as the Society is a certified not for profit organization. If you are in a position to make a donation, you may make the check out to the Deep River Historical Society and mail it to PO Box 151, Deep River, CT 06417.

Donate to the Deep River Historical Society:

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